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Go Longhorns!!

Linton PTA is offering these socks and facemasks sale. The sale ends Nov 20th. All items will be delivered prior to Holidays.

There are 4 Sock designs and they come in 8 sizes. There are 2 facemask designs and they come in 5 sizes.

The socks are made from combed/compacted cotton and are extremely comfortable to wear. They would be good for everyday regular wear and athletics/sports. The masks are made from 2-layered stretchable cotton fabric and the logo is embroidered. They are extremely comfortable to wear and it is recommended to wash them on a regular basis.

This sale end Nov 20th. Please make sure to add Student's Name, Grade and Teacher's Name in Notes at Checkout.

All items will be delivered to the School. School administration will communicate to you on the distribution. Please contact Elizabeth Reyes (Linton PTA)  with any questions.

 Go Longhorns!!

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